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Is Self-Storage right for me?

Do you need a solution to a space problem? This could be for a hobby, a business, house refurbishment, decoration or move, or maybe you just need that spare room back for a short period during summer holidays or Christmas. There are guidelines on what you can store in the FAQs but really as long as its legal, not explosive or fire hazard and its not alive then it can be stored.

1 Decide on how much space is required

Don’t worry! Most people require our help with this, and we are happy to do so. You can use the space guide as a starter if you are not sure.

2 Come and see us

We know this isn’t always possible but if you can, come in for a chat. There is no obligation, and our team are a great bunch who are really happy to help.

3 Agreement

We know this conjures up thoughts of long term and limited access but it couldn’t be further from that! We have an agreement that needs to be signed between us which is really around what can be stored, how long you have the unit is up to you.

4 Move In

As soon as the formalities are complete we issue you with your individual PIN number or keys, depending on what you have chosen, and you can move in your belongings.

5 Finished with your room

All we ask for is a weeks’ notice, once you’ve moved out we check the room and refund the deposit plus any overpaid rent on it.


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