Segment Self Storage

If you have lots of items taking up space in your home, you may have considered segment self-storage solutions as an option. Here at All Boxed, we can offer you a way of storing your possessions outside of your home, and segment self-storage is just one option you might consider. 

With segment self-storage from All Boxed, there really is no need to store everything packed in tight or all on top of each other. You can ensure you can find everything quickly and easily by segmenting and sectioning different items. All Boxed offers a range of unit sizes from as little as 10sq ft, so you can easily separate and segment your items, making them easy to access whether you’re storing stock for a home business or household items.

Our cost-effective storage solutions and ease of access make it simple to segment the storage solutions you choose, to help you run your home, business or life. We can even hold your summer clothes if you have no room for winter ones at home, our clean and secure storage will keep them fresh till the season changes. Segment self-storage is perfect for quickly accessing your items—no need to hunt through or hump items around. With one or more smaller, cost-effective storage units, you can quickly organise your objects to access what you need quickly.

Flexible, Secure And Cost-Effective Segment Self Storage Solutions

We offer flexible storage with no hefty minimum upfront payments required. We don’t need you to book for months or years ahead, although we guarantee a fixed price for a year on bookings. You have 24 hours, seven-day-a-week access to most of our units and storage. The rest simply require a little notice if you need items outside our standard opening hours.

Our units are fully CCTV monitored and have 24-hour on-site security and fire-safety protection, so you can be sure that we take great care of even your most precious belongings.

All-Boxed storage unit solutions range from 10sq ft up to 185sq ft, and we also have a range of container storage units, so however you want to store your items, in segments or not, we have Wiltshire self-storage solutions perfect for you.

All-Boxed Storage Solutions Provide Just The Wiltshire Self-Storage Facilities You Need

Our storage facilities at sites in Bowerhill and throughout Wiltshire offer smaller segment storage solutions and more extensive facilities conveniently situated for both businesses and individuals looking for short- or long-term storage. Our flexible terms are the ideal solution even if you don’t know how long for or your needs vary over time.

Our Storage Size Calculation is a great place to get an idea of how much it’s possible to get into each space. Of course, it’s always wise to be generous, especially if you want to benefit from easy access segment storage benefits. If you don’t book enough to start with, our flexible terms make it easy to add more in a separate unit or secure a larger one as your needs change. Of course, if you wish to remove some items, you could always downsize.

Domestic and Commercial Storage Options For Wiltshire Clients

Online booking is straightforward, so whether you are a student going off travelling during the holidays and are between accommodations or you’re looking for long-term storage,  it’s cheap and secure to leave your belongings with us. If you are in the middle of packing for a house move, we offer cost-effective storage to save you from staring at boxes over the weeks. For businesses with varying stock levels, easy access storage is as good as having the stock on site, don’t pay for more space than you need all year round for the few stock-heavy weeks or months. 

For all storage solutions, segmented or otherwise, let us help you take the best care of the items you don’t have space for. We can help with packaging materials, man and van moving services, and item insurance, so why not get in touch today?

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